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ETHIC CODE is a set of rights, duties and responsibilities of all those who work in the company SHOP DIGITALE, or who collaborate with it directly or indirectly for commercial purposes and later described RESOURCES advertising.

The fundamental and essential principle that inspires, is the respect of the laws and regulations in force in Italy. Compliance with these standards, translates into credibility and competitiveness of the work SHOP DIGITALE in the markets in which it operates.


Honesty and integrity

Always act with honesty, fairness and transparency, with full respect for tradition and the company's policy of SHOP DIGITAL

Speed, efficiency

Having achieved an efficient approach. Commit to protect their company and their customers always seeking the best logistics solutions for the protection of others' needs and business needs.

Knowledge, teamwork

Always invest in updating and training of resources, support the transmission of skills within their organization, focusing on teamwork than individual and sharing without fear and reticence information and ideas, to offer its customers efficiency and availability at all levels of management.

Attention to detail

Look for a careful attention to detail. All videos, graphics and photographic projects realized, are produced in the belief that they can pass on to its customers the most comprehensive information on the product displayed, and facilitate their choice during the purchase.


Work with passion and enthusiasm, appreciating things well done. Pursue excellence with respect to themselves, their colleagues and competitors.
Earning the trust of others for their punctuality, availability, and attention to detail in the implementation of the activity.


Acquire skills required to effectively manage the changing needs of our work, preparing to play different roles within the organization. Develop and spread a sense of organization as a guideline for individual and corporate growth.


SHOP DIGITALE, provides in the financial statements and other accounting and tax documents required by law, a true representation of the company. The accounting records are kept in an accurate, complete and timely in accordance with company procedures in accounting, in order to perform a faithful representation of the financial / financial situation and management.


Safety at work and environmental protection are among the main commitments SHOP DIGITALE always assumes respecting the rules in force in order to ensure the safety and health of employees at work.

SHOP DIGITALE ensures an adequate working environment from a security point of view of hygiene and full protection of the health of employees, adopting to this end all necessary measures to eliminate any danger that may arise damage to their employees or third parties having access to the SHOP DIGITALE workplace.


Relations between SHOP DIGITALE and its employees and among the employees themselves must be inspired by the principles of common civil coexistence and mutual respect as well as respect the professionalism and personal rights. Are not permitted nor tolerated discrimination for reasons of race, religion, sex and political and union.
Relations between employees of SHOP DIGITALE, regardless of the level of responsibility, are conducted with fairness, honesty and respect, without prejudice to the roles and different business functions.


SHOP DIGITALE seeks to establish and maintain business relationships with suppliers who offer maximum guarantees in terms of fairness and ethics. also it ensures contractually reserve the right to take all appropriate measures (including the termination of the contract) if the supplier or any other person in carrying out activities in the name and / or on behalf of SHOP DIGITALE, violates the law or the Code of Ethics.


Always SHOP DIGITALE exclusively pursues the search for maximum quality of marketed products.

SHOP DIGITALE, the exclusive commercial capacities proposer, through the PRONTOTELA brand, identifies what it considers the best business partners in the stone industry, offering its customers a wide range of quality products in the field of marble and stone in general.