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The prontotela.com website sells diamond products and tools of the best national and foreign companies for the processing of natural stones, ceramics and synthetic stones.

All the brands displayed on the www.prontotela.com website are protected by copyright and are the exclusive property of the companies that own the brands themselves.

The brands "ITALBRUSH", "DIAMANT STORE", and "STRAPPO" are the exclusive property of SHOP DIGITALE and exclusively identify lines of abrasive and diamond products, as well as on the site itself described and not brands of manufacturing companies.

The images of the products displayed on the site www.prontotela.com automation, single and processing steps have been performed and maintained by SHOP DIGITAL which owns and protects all rights. It also prohibits the reproduction and distribution in whole or in part, by flyers, brochures, promotional offers or trade, published by names or marks other SHOP Digital Library which may confuse potential buyers about the origin and / or rights to the same, at the time of formalization of a possible negotiation.

SHOP DIGITAL is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

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