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Hybrid™ Diamond flap discs

KGS DIAMOND GROUP presents its NEW KGS Hybrid™ system for shaping, beveling, grinding and polishing edges on natural stone, granite & marble, as well as engineered stones. The first element of the KGS Hybrid system, the new generation of DIAMOND flap discs is the latest KGS innovation made from 100% diamond flaps.

Grit 50 is officially approved for use on Dekton®

In addition, the Hybrid system consists of a KGS Hybrid Resin based range of discs, all with the ability to be used wet or dry.KGS Hybrid System can be used on a broad range of natural stone and engineered stone materials including divinity white, divinity black, marina stellar, negro stellar, impala, lietho red, nero assoluto, tarn, cararra, Belgium blue stone and diabas. The KGS Hybrid system is capable of delivering a beautiful polish on many other materials as well.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items