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Diamond Flap discs

Fastline LM diamond flap discs are the result of Sorma's vast experience in stone polishing. The overlapping flap construction of diamond cloth allows to obtain high removal rates typical of a rigid tool, combined with the finish and ease of use of a flexible tool.

FASTLINE diamond flap discs can be used in addition to working on all NATURAL STONES, but also on many other materials such as QUARTZ AGGLOMERATES, GRES and CERAMIC SURFACES, PLASTIC, GLASS, BLIND GLASS, CONCRETE, REINFORCED CONCRETE, METAL, PVC, etc.

Fastline LM is used dry or wet to shape, create chamfers and for all heavy and medium stock removal operations that are normally performed with cup wheels, fiber discs or resinoid diamond discs. The total absence of vibrations, the sharpness of the diamond and the long life make it an indispensable tool for a modern laboratory

The offer is available in 2 versions:

FASTLINE LM with fully metal bonded diamond flaps in grits #50 - #60 - #120 - #200

FASTLINE T with metal bonded flaps alternating with silicon carbide in grits #60 - #120 - #200 - #400

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items