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Diamond hand pads

Diamond hand pads

Diamond Pads are used to manually smooth, polish or clean any straight or round surface in marble, ceramic, porcelain and glass, composite materials, precious and semi-precious stones; the support of semi-rigid spongy material makes its application easy and practical. It can be used dry or wet, and produced in numerous particle sizes and binders, distinguished by as many colors for easy identification of the chosen grain.

Grits available with METALLIC binder: #60 - #120 - #200 - #400 - #600 - #1000

Grits available with RESINOID binder: #500 - #1000 - #8000

industrial use

for roughing, smoothing and polishing, finishing corners and small profiles, rounding off edges or small cutting imperfections on any MARBLE, STONE and CERAMIC surface

for manufacturing sanitary ware in PORCELAIN and on all CERAMIC MATERIALS

to finish and polish sheet metal moulds

for working on models and molds in GRAPHITE

for smoothing, polishing and manually chamfering GLASS profiles

for deburring and polishing of PRECIOUS and SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES

for machining FIBERGLASS elements in the nautical sector

for removing layers of wear and tear and aging on WOOD AND METAL

for sharpening work on HARD METALS

domestic use (marble surfaces)

restore and polish small marble surfaces that have become dull over time

remove deposits and residues of LIMESTONE from washbasins

eliminate light stains (not yet penetrated) of OIL, COFFEE or WINE

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items